With a wrath of a god

...oh, you stood by me

Be my illusion and I'll be your distraction.
Seattle, United States
fools to believe
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"to each his own", , aimless wandering, alan tudyk, apolo ohno, art, at the drive-in, avoiding the ignorant, baseball, beaches, being insane, being loved back, bohemian ideals, boys, broadway shows, bubble tea, caffeine, calligraphy, chastine, chat, children of dune, chocolate, coffee, collages, coming back to you, concerts, constantine, creativity, dan eldon, dancing in the dark, digital cameras, doodling, drawing, dreams, driving, driving without a destination, e.r., evanescence, extreme days, firefly, foreign accents, fortune cookies, freedom of expression, fushigi yuugi, gavin degraw, gilmore girls, graphic design, hp, icons, italian renaissance, kahlil gibran, keanu reeves, late night conversation, late night scheming, lotr, loud music, lyrics, making new friends, marmalade boy, michael goorjian, monty python, moulin rouge, movies, museums, musicals, mythology, newsies, nicknames, night, ninjas, nostalgia, one tree hill, pastels, phantom of the opera, photography, pirates, plays, potc, procrastinating, psp 8, quotes, reading, remus lupin, rent, road trips, roundhouse, rping, scootches, serendipity, severus snape, shia labeouf, shooting stars, sketch books, slayers, slc punk, sleeping, story time, tarot, the barkers, the crow, the infernho, travel, vin diesel, vintage, wash, wash/zoe, web design, will & grace, you

julie. (jules/wishie) twenty seven. artist. bibliophile. stargazer. rp-er. scootch. insomniac. stranger, but that can be easily fixed. currently my heart is not under arrest, but i have found the chas to my constantine, so that makes me happy. fan of driving without a destination. i dance when there's no music. drawn to darkness, but loves a sky full of stars. i have an affection for the quirky and unique. i believe that i have to save the world today. patience is a virtue i'm without. i have a weakness for losers, the round pegs in square holes, the ones nobody ever wants to dance with. my heart beats for them. maybe because i've always known that in some way i will forever be one of them. you may say that i'm a dreamer, but i'm not the only one. i have deja vu all of the time (as in precog and not an anomaly of memory). seriously? seriously. i don't believe in diluted love. i reject your reality and substitute my own. unstoppably mobile. nickname giver. can't live without ipotter (ipod). yes, i even name inanimate objects. i fangirl. a lot. deal with it. the quiet is unbearable. uncontrollable curiosity gets me into trouble. i am not in this world to live up to other people's expectations, nor do i feel that the world must live up to mine. the only people for me are the mad ones. the ones mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, and desirous of everything at the same time. anything else is insignificant or i forgot its significance.
in the end i'll keep you my dirty little secret.

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aim: reckless rysher

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journal is f-locked. personal. updated inconsistently. picture heavy, but primarily textual. comment here to be considered. i actually like getting to know the people on my f-list, so don't bother adding me just to make yourself look popular.

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_sexorcist_ - "Wishie is the bestest shneaky ninja scootch that ever did live. My puppy Kujo loves her. And she's my lesbian lover. And if I love her, then anyone can, for I find very few people loveable. *cuddles her* Oh, and she likes to be humped. Everyone take note to hump her OFTEN."

misskass - " valaseren is teh awesome. She's a ninja of awesome, with sneaky ninja super-powers. She obsesses about eeeeeeeeverything, and is the cutest most luffleable person ever. If I had a thousand dollars for every time I met someone as awesome as her, I'd only have a thousand dollars, that's how awesome she is. ... *humpity-hump*"

celestial_ray -
"Oi, Fred, get over here!"

"No, seriously, I've only just recently met you, but I must say I immensely enjoy your updates and total loveableness ^_^ And know... You're my TWIN ! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay! *twin huggle-fest with also lots and lots of humping*"

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